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Vipava Valley Bouldering

Boulders in upper Vipava Valley


This is a collection of some boulders (or at least links to them) in upper Vipava valley. It is a work in progress so expect to be improved. The names and grades of the boulders are probably wrong. Contributions (informations, pictures, corrections…) are more than welcome, you can send a mail to or post an issue at github page.


Since we would like to continue bouldering in the area, we ask you to follow some general guidelines:


No. Name # of lines currently listed location
1 Orlovca + Yugo skala 20 gps Orlovca, gps Yugo skala
2 Podrta Gora 38 gps link
3 Kovk 2 gps link
4 Col 12 gps link
5 Vipavska Bela 13 gps link
6 Hubelj 36 gps link

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