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Vipava Valley Bouldering

Boulders in upper Vipava Valley


This is a collection of some boulders (or at least links to them) in upper Vipava valley. It is a work in progress so expect to be improved. The names and grades of the boulders are probably wrong. Contributions (informations, pictures, corrections…) are more than welcome, you can send a mail to or post an issue at github page. Eternal glory to all the openers of the boulders and the first ascenders!


Since we would like to continue bouldering in the area, we ask you to follow some general guidelines:


No. Name # of lines currently listed location
1 Orlovca + Yugo skala 23 gps Orlovca, gps Yugo skala
2 Podrta Gora 38 gps link
3 Kovk 2 gps link
4 Col 17 gps link
5 Vipavska Bela 13 gps link
6 Hubelj 36 gps link

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